‘My wife .. her elder brother calls her boyfriend, with him before marriage ..’

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Issue: I got married six months ago. Three months later my wife found out that Peekallotu was in love with her boyfriend. Known to have met physically. Ours is a very traditional family. If you know something like this .. our family will not forgive at all. At first my wife was talking on the phone with someone. The other person was repeatedly called Bayya (elder brother). However, she would tell him not to call her again. With this came suspicion and I asked who he was. Then the original thing says. She says he is not her older brother .. she is her ex-boyfriend. He explained everything to me from his past.

I asked her why she was married for another half. “After seeing your photo, I said I will not marry you. But, even if I change my decision after meeting you. I have agreed to the marriage that you are very cool and com. ” What happened happened, I thought we had forgotten everything. But, the courage in her grew after telling her past. She has been talking to him repeatedly on the phone ever since.

One day I got really angry. Aricha yelled that he would hit him. She laughed .. ” You can’t hit him. He is a CRPF employee. He is very strong. The reason she says that is because I am thin and short. I felt very sad when she said that about him. She is portraying me as weak, telling me about her past and ex-boyfriend. I’m very, very depressed. Please tell me what to do.
– A brother (Victim details are kept confidential for privacy reasons)

Advice: Based on the situation you are in now .. the bond between the two of you needs to be further strengthened. You need to be able to tell your wife about the pain you are experiencing now. However, it should be expressed with love rather than anger. The way you say it should be the way you receive her. Because you heard her past .. Tell her to understand your pain in the same way. You need to think for yourself what is the right way to express your pain with her. It should strengthen the bond between you.

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What you say passionately .. will cause you to feel more vulnerable and hostile. So .. you have to act to instill confidence in her and increase security. Don’t think too much about the fact that she points out weaknesses in you. Don’t dig into her past .. remember it over and over again, point out the mistake at all. Be more loving to let her know your uniqueness. Impressing her .. always talking to her .. try to make the stranger forget.

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Experts: Kamna Chibber, Clinical Psychologist, Head – Department of Mental Health, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare

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