My daughter is 27 years old .. I can not bear to do so ..

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Problem: Hi .. our girl is twenty seven years old. Are irritated by everything. He has a good circle of friends, he has a good career as a professional, he does not face any stress related to family, but it is irritating. Always alone, speaks very little to us. I even asked him once if he could not bear it, if there were any problems with the boyfriend. She smiled and said that there was no such thing and that she was single. I thought from many sides and even talked to him. But, I do not know the reason, he always seems to be depressed. I can give you good advice on what to do.

Expert Answer: Hi, thank you for sharing your problem with us. Twenty-seven these days is the tender age. This is something we all know about the Mid-Life Crisis. Also, many people are currently facing a quarter-life crisis. Quarter Life Crisis is a period of insecurity, doubt and despair surrounding one’s career, relationships and financial situation. You may think that his social life and career are very good, but we do not know if he really is, or if he is facing any issues or is brooding about anything inside.

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Moreover, by the age of twenty-seven in the Indian society, all of his friends have settled into some or all of their careers, relationships, and financial security. Because of this your girl may be thinking about her personality and existence. Might be a little upset too.

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However, I am very happy to have a parent like you. You care about his moods and take great care of him. I understand that you tried to talk to him and he never gave you the right answer. There are two ways to deal with this problem. One is to give him some time and watch from a distance. The second is to involve those with whom he is close and with whom he speaks openly.

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However, it is a very delicate matter, so note that you have to deal with it very carefully. Otherwise, he may be hurt, or even disturbed. Apart from this, if there are any other changes along with his sadness, i.e. changes in his appetite, sleep, energy levels, dressing etc., I think it is better that you take him to a psychologist, or psychiatrist without delay.

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