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Issue: Our fianc just told me about his ex-girlfriend. I too slowly forgot those things. But, at a party recently, some of our drunks started teasing him with the names of our ex-girlfriends. Back then I didn’t care much but now that teasing continues even in our WhatsApp groups on a regular basis. Truth be told I don’t like all this, what should I do? How to handle this situation?

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Expert advice:
Hi, thank you in advance for sharing your problem with us. Bonds are very important in our lives. These will keep you happy, boost confidence and lay the foundation for a positive attitude towards life. However, we must carefully nurture and maintain these bonds. It is appreciated that you do not feel jealous or insecure about your previous relationships with them. It is a testament to the trust between the two of you, to the mental maturity of both of you. At the same time it is also natural that you do not like to tease your people on this subject. However, your friends may not realize that this is bothering you.

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They can understand and stop these jokes if you say something you don’t like. Discuss this with your friends if you do not like what you say to yourself or if you doubt whether they will understand what you are saying. He can easily understand this as your partner. Many times when we take a situation casually we think it is acceptable to us. So letting go of your discomfort can solve this problem. Another thing you need to remember is that these jokes do not reflect your feeling. So do not let these fall into the middle of a neat bond between the two of you.Hope this advice helps you. Stay at home, stay safe.

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