‘I got married .. but, my ex-boyfriend with those photos ..’

Issue: I have been dating a young man for over a year. We broke up by mutual consent four months ago. We had to break up with the intention that we would not fit in with each other. When we were together, both of us got into fights because of his close friends and girlfriends. We decided it would be best to part ways.

Now I am ready to get married as an adult. But, my ex-boyfriend is creating problems. Our housemates threatened to stop me from getting married. With this, our father and elder brother talked to his mother. She assured him that she would not have any more problems with her son. But he kept posting photos of me being intimate with him on social media. Putting me in the status quo that I miss and love. My fianc knows this. But, we want this problem to be solved before we get married. Can suggest what to do.
Is the stomach growing? Do this with onion juiceAnswer: Understand that you are in a critical situation now. On top of that your love affair should be known to your family, even the fianc భర్త, it is good that they are supporting you. He has been loving and parting for a year so he can’t completely forget you. However, he should have been given a chance in the end. It’s not too late yet. He is angry that he cannot tell you his feelings. He intends to seek revenge. However, once you open your mind and talk to him he will calm down somewhat. Anyone should be given the opportunity in the end to express their feelings OK. If he still does not change, turn to the Cyber ​​Crime Cell as a last resort. However, talk to him yourself and try to resolve the issue without going that far.

Counselor: Rashi Ahuja, Senior Relationship Therapist

(Adapted from Times of India / Lifestyle / Ask the Expert)

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