During the sixth month of my marriage, I was shocked to hear my husband’s strange wish when no one was around

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Issue: Not understanding how to start it. I am 27 years old and my husband is 35 years old. We have been married for two years. I know that some men like women’s clothes. I also read somewhere that some women enjoy dressing up. Women in particular know that they like to wear underwear. However, within six months of getting married my husband told me of such a strange wish. I was shocked to hear that. Identity seemed to make a difference. When I bought underwear he asked me to buy a big size one too. I bought one with the intention of wondering what to do with it. The picture is .. he was wearing it in front of me. Also playing games with my underwear. He only does this when no one is home. He usually deals when someone comes. One day I told you that this is crazy. He said that such things are common and that his friends do the same. I have no problems with the bedroom. But, this strange habit he has is making me sleepless. Is this normal? Or am I overreacting? If not what happened to my husband?
– A sister (name withheld for privacy)

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Answer: Your husband seems to be very free with you. Some do it in a very conspiratorial way. Against this background your husband .. is failing at you very sunny. That is why he is not only telling you his innermost feelings but also fulfilling some of his strange desires through you. You said your husband was fine with everything else. If you look at this .. I must say that this problem is not a big seal. Some men do similar experiments with their partner in solitude. However, be sure to tell your husband about it in case you find it uncomfortable. But, you should talk to him very calmly when he says such things. If your voice grows .. it feels like he is taking it personally rather than being petty. So .. gently put your problem in front of him. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Surely your problem can be solved.

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Advisor: Kamna Chibber, Head of Mental Health Department, Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare

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