Do you work while doing housework ..? These are the things to do ..

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Working ladies say that there is no job, no money in hand, no big circle of friends. Housewives say there is no boss, no work stress, no deadlines. Everything has both plus and minus. Read this if you want to change from working mom to stay at home mom after children are born.

1. You spend time with your children just because you want to be a housewife. Also, whenever your children need you you can sit in a corner somewhere in the office and work in front of them instead of working. This is a big plus point. No matter how good it is to read and write, it sometimes feels suffocating, because children always want a mother. That’s why you need to set aside some time for yourself. Remember that your health depends on the diet, sleep, exercise and relaxation you take.

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2. You can enjoy spending time with your children. You can be happy without any deadlines or work stress. The boss doesn’t want to think about it. But, office gossip will miss all the time you spend with your colleagues, the joy of successfully completing a task. In fact, you will miss going to the office ready to be neat. To balance this you can volunteer to do anything at your child’s school, do a part time job, or even do freelancing. You also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about your suit.

3. Now the entire responsibility for your children becomes yours. You and they play together. You help them do their homework. However, this reduces the interaction of children with their age. Invite your children’s friends home, as well as take your children’s friends home. There is also another important point, you need to see for yourself that the role of their father does not diminish in your child’s life. So take your help in some things too, he will have the pleasure of spending time with the kids, it will be like spending time with both the kids and you will have some relaxation.

4. If you want to do the job again there will be some gap in your CV. Some employers may not like it. Plus, you’ll be getting competitive interviews with people younger than you. As such, you will look no less than yourself if you keep updating yourself and learning new skills. If you are doing any freelance work it can also be added to your CV.

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5. Where there were two previous salaries, only one comes. True, the cost is also somewhat reduced. But, when the reduced salary is higher than the reduced cost. That is why you need to follow a family budget. One has to think about where the cost can be reduced. One has to wonder if there is any other source of income.

6. You will now have a routine habit, this routine will also be comfortable, initially. Because, now you do not have to go to the office quickly, do not come late, you can follow your routine without any disturbance. But, a few days later a similar routine can hit the bore. So you and your children can plan to go to places like the park and the museum. Your children can go to the market with your neighbors after school.

7. You now have friends that sell your children’s friends. You will miss all the previous social meetings and business parties. There will be no one in your social circle except people like you. As such, look to spend time with people who are interested in things that interest you. For example if you have a reading habit take membership in any reading club. You get to know new people and take your hobby forward.

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8. The whole work at home is now done by yourself. The main responsibility is yours, even if the help is a maid. No matter how good a teammate your husband is, the stress levels you face will be different. Do some things by your child. Also assign some tasks to your husband from the front. Then you will not have the work you need to think about them.

9. No matter how good it is to spend time with children, they can also be very annoying at times. It does not seem to us to tolerate that riot. Even so, breathing exercises and meditation can help you.

Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.

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