Do this to be mentally happy ..

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Our rush, steel run lives seemed to stop with a big jolt for once because of the corona last year. The only thing is that everyone around the world has done their best to end this epidemic, a large percentage of those infected with the virus have recovered, and good progress is being made in the matter of vaccines. However, lifestyle disturbances, anxiety about personal and family health, job insecurity .. all together, many people are mentally depressed. This is at a time when mental health concerns are already high in India. Unfortunately, there is a lack of proper awareness and recognition about mental illness. Like physical illnesses, mental illness also has a cure, but takes a little longer to recover. This recovery time can be even longer if the problem is not identified in a timely manner and the treatment that needs to be provided is not provided. Mental health can be carefully maintained if you pay attention to the things that are necessary for mental health and observe them. Namely,

Good sleep
The first and most serious effect of the digital lifestyle we follow is our sleep. Moreover, in this moment when the world has become a small village, things are going on all the time, people are working in all shifts. What needs to be understood here is that sleep is not a luxury, but an essential process for physical and mental health. That is why everyone should try to get eight hours of sleep a day. Also, work on computers before going to bed, chatting on mobiles, using tablets and watching TV should be avoided. Also, caffeine or alcohol intake before sleep can also affect the quality of sleep. That is why these should also be avoided.

Social activity ..
Kovid 19 has previously been free to go out and enjoy with friends and family. Social distancing also means not having to meet more people at festivals. This condition naturally leads to some discomfort and irritability. Many people become depressed as a result. This is where virtual interactions and social networking play a major role. Even if you are working from home, go to the office and follow the same routine as if you were working. There is no need to change your old timetable. Do the same now as you do when you go to the office and work with colleagues to maintain personal hygiene, dress neatly, and so on. Make video calls. Join online groups on topics you like.

Healthy and well ..
Usually physical and mental health are looked at separately. But when it comes to overall health the two go hand in hand. Being in good physical health means being alert, confident, able to work efficiently, and make decisions. Physical health also has psychological benefits. This is possible by exercising regularly and practicing healthy eating. When exercising, the brain receives happy chemicals called endorphins and is happy with the result. Also, a balanced diet provides all the vitamins and minerals the body needs and keeps the body fit and energetic. Improving immunity prevents the spread of any disease. Eating when under stress, overeating and regular intake of junk food should be completely avoided.

Self care ..
Taking care of who they are is also the first step to mental health. Even adults in the family find it difficult to put their health aside in order to care for their children’s health needs. We must not forget that if we are healthy, the rest of the family will be healthy too. Self care is compulsory to live a perfect life happily and healthily. Spend time with yourself. Reading books, writing, listening to music, singing .. Take time to do whatever you like. Doing so will keep you happy and tireless. Spend time with yourself like this once or twice a week depending on your schedule. Here it is just as important to do what you like as it is to do it regularly. Also, achieving everything expected is not going to happen to anyone. So don’t worry if what you ever thought does not happen.

Finally ..
Many people were mentally depressed during this epidemic. However, these problems can be solved if the mental problems are properly understood and treated under the guidance of a specialist. We will be mentally excited with habits like self care, regular exercise, eight hours of restful sleep, focus on physical health, and relaxation. This state of mind is essential not only for the development of individual health but also for social development. So let’s sing these good habits this year and be happy and healthy.