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Many people have said many points about what is needed for a relationship to be successful. But, do you know what women give importance to after all? To kindness. It is said to be one of the most important qualities in partners. Then read on if you want to know what women want from a relationship and partner.

1. Want to become intelligent. Intelligence is not degrees here, genius has nothing to do with college degrees. It doesn’t matter how smart you think or how curious you are about life.

2. Self-confidence is also expected to be. They like to mention the weaknesses in them along with their self-confidence.

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3. A woman must have the confidence that her partner loves her. Any argument between the two is due to the woman’s lack of this trust. The onus is on the partner to instill that confidence. A woman loves her partner very much when she has that belief.

4. We all make mistakes. Even if it happens once in a while. She hopes you understand those situations. If you are not perfect, she is. Without forgiveness no bond can last, and the bond of marriage cannot last.

5. She wants you to understand and cooperate with the hormonal fluctuations that take place in the female body. Periods, Pregnancy, Menopause .. Her feeling that you should not do things like tampering with the changes in her hormones during these times.

6. Do you both need words to speak? Partners can talk for hours on end about any topic. Kids, adults, jobs, savings, friends, the weather … it’s up to you. In a relationship where two lives are intertwined it is very difficult to have time for gossip. Her desire is to focus on gossip instead of looking at the phone or watching TV.

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7. Spending quality time with your spouse and children does not happen automatically. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Moreover, your married man is not only the mother of your children, but also your wife. You should also plan romantic dates with her.

8. Don’t say no immediately if she says anything. Many people say no when their wife says something without thinking. It does not even say yes to everything that is said. If you think for a minute without automatically saying no, you will understand the point of what she said. If you respond positively she is happy, you are happy too.

9. Listen if she says anything to you, listen not only with your ears, but also with your mind. Try to understand what she is saying from her side. Respect her opinion even if you disagree. Research also shows that those who respect their wife’s opinion are happier.

10. Please, thankyou, sarees not only for those outside, but also for those at home. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Also think about how many times you said it outside rather than in the bedroom. It’s not about doing something like work, you have to really feel the meaning of those words when you hear them. Only then is the value of that word.

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11. Doing household chores and raising children is not only her responsibility, it is yours too. She would be very happy if she did it immediately when she asked for any help. If she did it before .. we would not be good to say.

12. Give her a full day once or twice a month. Give Meerame the time she spends a day without having to think about the kids, about cooking, if there are pets, about the washing machine. Remember that this break is essential for her physical and mental health.

Finally, take care of yourself, also take care of your health. Only then can you, your spouse, and your children all be happy.

Stay safe, stay happy

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