Relationship Tips: If you agree on these things in live in relationship then your relationship is perfect

Live In Relationship: It is said that love is a beautiful feeling that brings two people together without any discrimination like colour, caste, religion or class. Sometimes, in order to increase love or to know each other more and more, the loving couple decides to live in a live-in relationship before marriage. However, even today in our society, it is not considered right for a boy and a girl to live together before marriage. But let those people know that now the live-in relationship has been given legal recognition by the Government of India.

Relationship is easy to understand
When couples live together before marriage, they understand each other. They get to know about each other’s likes and habits and then decide whether they can live together. This increases mutual understanding between both of them, which comes in handy in their future life.

 Can understand responsibilities very well
When there are two people in a relationship, both can also understand their responsibilities very well. After which you will not face any problems in marriage. 

Able to make their own decisions
In live-in relationships, instead of involving the parents in everything, they try to solve the matters themselves. This develops mutual understanding between them and they can take their own decisions. 

It is important to understand the relationship status

Mutual understanding between two people  
It is not written far and wide that it is necessary to be physical with partner to come live in. It totally depends on the understanding of both of you. 

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