Relationship Tips: How is the bonding between Kareena-Karishma so good, if you know the secret, the relationship will be cherished forever

Relationship Tips : If any relationship matters the most in life, it is the relation of two sisters. This is such a relationship in which two sisters are not only sisters, but there is no one better friend than them. While the elder sister plays the role of a mother in the life of the younger sister, the younger sister also leaves no stone unturned to lavish love on her and does not even know when the relationship of two sisters turns into true friends. When both come so close to each other that no other can share their mutual bonding. 

Does the bonding between sisters diminish after marriage?

Kareena-Karisma’s relationship is called sister goals-
Kareena and Karisma are often spotted together and each time there is a special bonding between the two. The name of jealousy is not far and wide, but both the sisters are role models for each other and this beauty of their relationship deepens their bonding even more. Once, while talking about Kareena, Karisma told her her inspiration, while about Karishma, Kareena said that, ‘Having both sisters in the same industry helps them a lot, we both learn from each other. -Learning moving forward’.

How to strengthen bonding with your sister?
If you think that your bonding week with your sister is going to be your week, then you have to understand that there is comparison, jealousy, competition among sisters. Do the work of making a ditch. You have to understand that two sisters are like two close friends, between whom there should not be any such feelings. You also have to understand that the success of one should become the reason of happiness for the other sister, if you can do this then just be ready to come in the list of sister goals. 

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