Relationship Tips: Everything is fine in the relationship, yet there is something that is not right, know the solution to your problem here

Different Viewpoint- 
It is not necessary that if two people are in love then their thinking also matches. Two people may have different thinking and there is no harm in it, but you and your partner have to understand that due to this, do not allow any misunderstanding between you. 

Ego is the biggest reason for conflict- 
Ego is the enemy of everything and especially in any relationship, in such a situation, if you allow ego to take place between you and your partner Remember, this is the beginning of the ruin of your well-known relationship. 

Lack of mutual understanding-
To make any good relationship even better, it is very important to maintain harmony between yourself and your partner so that you understand them and they understand you. and make the relationship stronger.

lack of time can become a big problem- 
relationship demands time, so if you are not able to give time to your partner in your relationship then What is the existence of relationship? You have to understand that giving time to your partner will be the biggest gift for him. In such a situation, to make your relationship even better, understand these problems and then see how your relationship will blossom. 

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