Relationship Advice: Never make these mistakes while trying to impress your crush, it can be heavy

Relationship Advice: If you love someone, then you make thousands of efforts to impress him, but in such a situation, you end up doing something which becomes harmful for you somewhere. If you are also trying to impress your crush, then never do this mistake or else you may be at a loss.

Lack of Washing Hands- 
Never wash your hands after your crush because it can upset them a lot. They will start getting upset with you and instead of opening up with you, they will start moving away from you. Give them their space.

expenses may be heavy-
If you are spending a lot of money to impress your crush then it is not right for you. Maybe you are spending money thinking that they will fall in love with you in the future and if it is not so, then you will spend a lot of money. 

Don’t forget yourself- 
Don’t forget your existence in the pursuit of impressing your crush. If you are trying to find someone by losing yourself, then you are making a big mistake because if you stay as you are, then your crush will like this thing more. You can’t achieve anyone by changing yourself. 

Don’t quarrel with his friends- 
If you think that after quarreling with your crush’s friends, you will win his heart, then forget it because your friends are very dear to everyone. And if you do not like your crush’s friends, then even if you do not talk to them, but by fighting them, you will harm yourself. 

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