Relationship Advice: If you do such an act in a relationship, you will lose your love forever

Never do these things in Relationship: Many times we get so lost in our relationship that perhaps we do not even remember what we should and should not talk about. We have to understand that not everything in a relationship is meant to be told. In such a situation, we will tell you today those things that you should not share with your partner even after forgetting it, otherwise there may be a big problem in your relationship.

had a relationship with so many people-
Your partner should be a million open-minded but don’t forget to tell him how many people you have dated so far. It may be a matter of past, but it can be a little difficult for them to tolerate their partner’s past. 

X still remembers-
If you miss X ever, never tell this to your partner because this thing will create hatred for you in their mind. can. No one can tolerate their partner remembering his ex. 

Moments spent with ex-
How did you enjoy life with your ex You don’t need to tell your partner this. X is your past, don’t let it affect your future or your present. The memory of ex can affect the relationship between you and your partner. In such a situation, never make such mistakes in your relationship that create distance between you and your partner.

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