Red Planet Day 2022: Some Interesting Facts About Mars! Why is November 28 special? Find out why

Red Planet Day 2022: Some Interesting Facts About Mars!  Why is November 28 special?  Find out why


Red Planet Day 2022 : Mangal (Mars) is

Why is November 28 special?
Mars is also known as the red planet. November 28 is considered a very special day. Because on this day the first mission to this planet was launched. On November 28, 1964, NASA’s Mariner 4 spacecraft was launched. After this, November 28 became a very special day for Mars and was celebrated as Red Planet Day. As soon as we mention Mars, we come across a planet where there is no air. Where the atmosphere is also dusty. The ground is rough. There are millions of kilometers of desert on this planet. It has a cool temperature. Apart from this there are situations like volcanoes and Grand Canyon.

Interesting facts about Mars
1. Mars, popularly known as Mars. It is one of the closest planets to Earth. Mars is also known as the red planet. After Mercury, Mars is the smallest planet in the solar system. You may be surprised to know that, our Earth’s upper surface is about 40 kilometers thick, while the surface of Mars is 50 to 120 kilometers thick.

2  When we see Mars from Earth through a telescope, it appears red. The reason for its red color is that it has a lot of iron oxide on its surface, which gives it a red color. The atmosphere on Mars has the highest concentration of carbon dioxide gas.

3. Mars also has gravity. But it works slowly. The gravity on Mars is 1/3 that of Earth. If a rock falls on Mars, it will fall very slowly.

4. Mars takes twice as long to complete one orbit around the Sun as Earth does

5. do you know that signs of water have been found on the surface of Mars about four hundred million years ago. According to NASA scientists, there was so much water on the surface of Mars that it would have formed an ocean 1500 meters deep over the entire surface of the planet. But as the planet’s magnetic field was depleted, the Martian atmosphere began to disappear, and water on Mars gradually began to diminish over millions of years.

6. If you stand on Mars and look up at the sky, you will see the moons Phobos and Deimos. Phobos is larger in size than Deimos. You may be surprised to know that the meaning of Phobos in Greek language "the fear" That is why the Greeks called Mars the god of fear. Also this satellite was also called the son of Venus.

7. It is believed that the moon Phobos is slowly tilting towards Mars. It tilts 1.8 meters towards Mars in 100 years. NASA scientists estimate that after 50 million years it will hit Mars and break up.

8. The gravity on Phobos is 1000 times that of Earth. If an object weighs 70 kg on Earth, it will weigh only 70 g on Phobos.

7. You may be surprised to know that a Martian day is 24 hours 39 minutes 35 seconds. Also 1 Martian year is 687 days and 23 months. Besides, the distance of Mars from the Sun is about 142 million miles.

8.If we talk about temperature, average temperature on Mars – 55 ° s and in winter it is – 87 ° C and in summer it is minus -5 ° Se was Apart from this, like our Earth, Mars also has seasons. But their time is double.

9. There are currently 12 man-made objects on Mars. Apart from this people also say that skulls of aliens have been found on this planet.

10. Mars’ neighbor planet, also known as Jupiter, is protected by its massive size. Besides you know? That the month of March is named after the planet Mars.

11. The first spacecraft to Mars was launched on October 10, 1960, after which the Soviet Union made about 5 missions, all of which failed. Finally, on November 28, 1964, NASA launched the Mariner 4 mission to Mars, which was a complete success.

12. do you know A total of 49 missions have been conducted to search for life on Mars, in which NASA of America has had the most success. And one mission Mangalyaan-1 was completed by India in 2014. In this campaign, India got success in the first attempt. Also  The average speed of Mars around the Sun is 14.5 miles per second. According to NASA, it takes a full 2.5 years to get from Earth to Mars.

13. One very important thing for you to know about Mars is that Mars is home to the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system. Which is famous as Olympus Mons. Talking about its length, it is a 21 km high and 600 km diameter volcano, which was formed millions of years ago.

14. The Sun appears blue every evening from Mars. The longest and deepest valley in the solar system exists on Mars, named Valles Marineris. This basin is 4000 km long and 2000 km wide and 7 km deep.

15. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), successfully completed its first space mission (Mars Orbiter Mission) on September 24, 2014. It also cost much less than NASA’s mission. With this, India became the first country in Asia to reach Mars and the first country in the world to place a spacecraft in Mars orbit in its first attempt. Meanwhile, this mission was launched on November 5, 2013.

16. You may be surprised to know that by the end of 2030, NASA plans to build a small independent colony on Mars.

17. Famous American businessman Elon Musk has his own big space company. Which is popularly known as Space X. This is Musk "Space X" is the CEO of and has a dream project to build a small world on Mars in 2026 and if everything goes according to his plan, this feat can be accomplished in 2024 as well.







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