Recipes: Nayanthara’s favorite ‘Ghee’, here is a simple recipe

It is natural that fans of heroines want to know what foods they like to eat. Nayanthara has no small number of fans. And how many people know what dish she often eats? Ghee is also one of Nayanthara’s favorite foods. It is very easy to make. If the cooked rice is ready, the ghee will be ready in five minutes. So it can be said to be the best choice for kids lunch box. 

Rice – one cup
Ghee – four spoons
Cashews – Six
Water – Adequate 
Onion – One
Cinnamon – Chopped
Cloves – Four
Cardamom – Two
Salt – Adequate to taste
Saffron Petals -Four

Preparation as…
1. Cook the rice till it becomes dry and keep aside. 
2. Now add ghee in a pan and fry the cashews and take it out and keep it aside. 
3. Fry cinnamon, cardamom and cloves in remaining ghee. 
4. Then add finely chopped onions and fry. 
5. Add salt to the cooked rice and mix it. 
6. Soak the saffron petals in some water and add that water as well. Two spoons of water is enough. If you add more, there is a possibility that the rice will become lumpy. 
7. Close the stove and sprinkle fried cashews on top. That’s it, the tasty ghee is ready. 
8. It is good to eat straight, or mixed with any curry, it is tasty. Especially children like it very much. 

Ghee is cholesterol but…
Many people do not eat ghee for fear of gaining weight. Actually if you eat too much you will gain weight but if you eat in moderation there is no problem. Even if you don’t eat ghee daily and eat it once a week, you won’t gain weight at all. Apart from that ghee has many health benefits. It needs to be eaten occasionally. 

1. Insomnia is a problem that affects many people. If such people eat ghee, the problem will decrease a little. 
2. Eating ghee can cause hunger even in those who are not hungry. 
3. Pregnant women eat ghee to help the fetus grow well. So it is better if they eat a spoonful of ghee daily.
4. Constipation and acidity are removed by eating ghee in the stomach. 
5. It also helps to increase immunity in the body. If you apply ghee immediately after the injury, it will heal quickly.  

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