Ramp Walk: Have You Seen World’s Youngest Trans Model Ramp Walk?

She is not a girl like everyone else. He was not ashamed of his condition and was not afraid to turn around in the foursome. The world came forward very bravely. She proves herself and is a role model for many children like her. Noella McMaher is not who she is. He is only 10 years old. Do you know what is special about that baby.. She is a trans model. As the youngest trans model in the world, she turned all the attention towards her.

Noela also attracted the attention of the world by walking the ramp like the older models. She proves herself by walking the ramp in New York Fashion Week held in February and September. Noela walked the ramp for Trans Clothing Company in a fashion show held in February. Transgender people are generally looked down upon in society. The way others behave towards them is different. At an age where she doesn’t even know what the world is, Noela behaves very maturely. The parents are also very happy for their daughter.

Noela’s parents Dee and Ray McMeher say they are very happy to see their daughter fulfill her dreams. Wants to be a volunteer for trans kids. Not only that, she hopes to be a mother to many children like her. Her parents said that her goal in life is to achieve it even if it is difficult in the present circumstances. They expressed their confidence that Noela is ready to face them bravely even though there are many things against her in the society. At the age of 2, Noela realized that she is not a boy but a girl. As a result, she underwent sex change and became a girl. Her parents have fully supported her new journey.

Everyone is amazed to see Noela walking the ramp with such confidence that she looks so beautiful. She is currently preparing to walk the ramp at Paris Fashion Week. Everyone wants him to have many more such achievements.     

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