Ramadan 2023: The first fast will be observed on March 25, after 5 years a special coincidence of 5 Jumas in Ramadan

Ramadan 2023: The first fast will be observed on March 25, after 5 years a special coincidence of 5 Jumas in Ramadan

Ramadan 2023 Roza: The month of Ramadan being the 9th month of the Islamic calendar is very pious and the month of Allah’s worship. The month of Ramzan has started from 24th March and tomorrow on 25th March the first fast of Ramzan will be observed. In Ramzan, the fasting people fast for a whole month and after that the festival of Eid is celebrated.

In Ramzan, the fasting people keep fast for 29-30 days. In this, people worship Allah by staying hungry and thirsty from sunrise to sunset. That’s why Allah also shows mercy on his servants in this holy month. There is a belief that fasting in Ramadan closes the doors of Dozakh (hell) and opens the way to Jannat (heaven). It is said that Prophet Muhammad had received the verses of Quran from Allah in the holy month of Ramzan. That’s why fasting in Ramzan is very important for every Muslim.

5 Jumma this time on Ramzan

For the people of the Muslim community, Zuma i.e. Friday has special significance. Just as the number 786 is auspicious for Muslims, in the same way they consider Friday i.e. Zuma as auspicious. That’s why the prayer offered on Zuma is also considered special. This time the first fast of Ramadan is also starting from Friday itself, which is special in many ways.

Rules necessary for fasting in Ramadan

Fasting is not only of the tongue but also of ‘eyes’ It also happens to That’s why along with being hungry and thirsty during fasting, follow self-control and self-control. Do not utter bad words for anyone, do not lie, do not do wrong things and do not look at anyone with bad eyes. Only good thoughts should come in the mind of the fasting person

Get up early in the morning before sunrise and do Sahri at the time of Sahri and worship Allah as much as possible throughout the day. Offer Namaz five times and spend time in noble deeds. After this, in the evening, after Maghrib’s azaan, break the fast by having iftar. If the fasting person follows these rules in Ramadan, he will be blessed with heaven.

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