Ramadan 2023 Roza Timing: When will the holy month of Ramadan begin? Sehri and Iftar timings according to your city, know here

Ramadan 2023 Roza Timing: When will the holy month of Ramadan begin?  Sehri and Iftar timings according to your city, know here

Ramadan 2023 Roza Iftar Sehri Timing: Islam’s holy month of Ramadan (Ramadan) is starting from 22 March 2023. This month is considered very sacred for Muslims, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this whole month, people keep fast and worship God. In Ramzan, people observe Roza i.e. fasting from sunrise to sunset. Sehri is done before starting the fast and Iftar is done to break the fast.

The fasting of Ramzan starts from the next day of moon sighting. After the sighting of the moon on March 22, the fast of Ramadan will be observed from March 23. On the other hand, if the moon is not visible on March 22, then from March 24, 2023, Rojedar will keep fast. In Ramadan, the people of the Muslim community worship Allah by fasting for the whole month. In Ramadan, 30 days have been divided into 3 Ashras for fasting for the whole month. First 10 days fasting is called Rahmat, second 10 days fasting is called Barkat and last 10 days fasting is called Magfirat. The festival of Eid is celebrated after the end of Ramadan. This year Eid celebration is on 21 April 2023.

The right time to do Sehri and Iftar

The fasting person should do Sehri and Iftar at the right time in Ramadan. The meal taken before sunrise is called Sehri and the meal taken at the time of breaking the fast after sunrise is called Iftar. After doing Sehri, eating and drinking anything is prohibited for the whole day. Iftar is done after offering Namaz in the evening and at sunrise. However, very young children, sick people, pregnant women and old people are exempted from fasting in Ramadan. The Sehri time for the first Rosa of Ramadan is at 04:38 and the time for Iftar is till 06:20. But according to the city, there is a difference in the time of Sehri and Iftar. Know the exact timings of Sehri and Iftar according to your city-

  • Mumbai- Sehri (Morning-05:33)- Iftar (06:49)
  • Pune- Sehri (Morning-05:29) – Iftar (06:48)
  • Delhi – Sehri (dawn-05:11) – Iftar (06:32)
  • Chennai – Sehri (dawn-05:05) – Iftar (06:20)
  • Hyderabad – Sehri (dawn-05:11) – Iftar (06:29)
  • Bengaluru – Sehri (dawn-05:16) – Iftar (06:34)
  • Ahmedabad – Sehri (dawn-05:33) – Iftar (06:50)
  • Jaipur – Sehri (Subh-05:18) – Iftar (06:39)
  • Kolkata – Sehri (dawn-04:30) – Iftar (05:47)
  • Lucknow- Sehri (Subh-04:57) – Iftar (06:17)
  • Kanpur- Sehri (Morning-05:00) – Iftar (06:20)
  • Indore – Sehri (Subh-05:20) – Iftar (06:40)
  • Patna – Sehri (dawn-04:41) – Iftar (06:00)
  • Chandigarh – Sehri (Dawn-05:11) – Iftar (06:35)

According to the given time, perform Sehri and Iftar. Also keep in mind that the time table for Sehri and Iftar varies due to the position of the Sun.

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