Rajma Masala Wrap: Try spicy rajma rolls for some healthy snack, here’s how to make

Rajma Masala Wrap: Try spicy rajma rolls for some healthy snack, here’s how to make

Rajma Wrap Recipe: Craving for a quick wrap made with some simple kitchen ingredients? Then try this delicious Rajma and Salsa recipe, which makes for a delicious snack and a wholesome meal on the go. You just need a few easy ingredients to make this recipe and you can eat it comfortably when you feel a little hungry. Try eating this tasty Rajma Roll, which also enhances the taste of food and you can make it easily. You will surely like this protein-rich healthy rajma wrap. Learn here the easy way to make…

Ingredients of Rajma Roll

200 ml mint syrup

120 grams red beans

200 grams baby lettuce

20 ml butter

200 ml salsa sauce

60 grams mozzarella

200 grams onion

30 ml sour cream

1 cup tomato puree

How to make Rajma Wrap

Step 1- Boil the kidney beans

To start with this easy recipe, boil kidney beans and cook them with tomato puree, adding some mozzarella cheese. Meanwhile, make iceberg lettuce and onion juliennes.

Step 2- Spread the sauce

Apply half the salsa and mint sauce on the base of the Cornitos Wheat Flour Tortilla Wrap and spread evenly. Place red kidney beans in the center, top with iceberg and onion and remaining salsa.

Step 3- Roll up the wrap

Put mozzarella cheese on the edges of the wrap. Fold and roll the edges of the wrap.

Step 4- Serve hot and enjoy

Apply some butter and put it in the griller and grill it. Cut into two halves and place one piece on top of the other. Serve with sour cream and salsa.

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