Queen Kubaba: Do you know who was the world’s first queen? The woman who mixes medicine is the king!

First Queen in History:  Ruled Britain for years. She created a new history during her royal reign. Now her era is over. A new reign of the king begins there. This is all a bit new to hear. Even in this period, kings and queens rule..? We think But…this is a chapter in our history. Even though many civilizations have passed… now it is civilized at the level of ‌ We are a society. The history of monarchies is no less when it comes to administration. (Also Read: Who Are Monarchs: Prakash Raj‌ Dialog‌ Is it true? Can no one fool the Monarchs? Who are they? ) It started thousands of years ago. This practice still continues in some countries. Among them are not kings. There are also queens. All of them led the whole kingdom in their eyes. And…in this world "The first queen" Who..? Which kingdom did she rule? When was it proved that queens can rule kingdoms? Let’s find out these interesting things now. 

Sumerian‌ During the reign..

The Sumerians continued to  rule in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC. That’s when the Sumerian civilization began. Historians also say that this is the first civilization. It continued until almost the middle of the Bronze Age. After that it gradually disappeared. Many kings ruled Mesopotamia during this period. Among them the names of Alulim, Hadanish, Zizi are well heard. But…a woman sits on the throne, just like when men ruled the kingdom. Ruled everyone with his vision. Ame…the first woman ruler was Kubaba. The interesting thing is…Kubaba O "Tavern Keeper".ie..
bars include cock tail, mac tail It is given together. She had the same profession at that time. What is that? She also had a bar at that time. Beer was very important in Sumerian culture. Beer was provided to the people there in daily ration. And…the woman who mixed the medicine…has become a queen…may be doubted. Let’s know that story too. 


In Sumerian mythology… women "Tavern-keepers"Historians say that there is a lot of priority. Another thing is…these tavern keepers‌ They also do prostitution. However, they were treated with great respect by all the people. Specially for Queen Kubaba "Tavern" was Tavern means…a place where everyone sits together and drinks alcohol. Simply put, it’s like a bar. In the Sumerian civilization "Epic of Gilgamesh" There is a poem written on a stone tablet in the name. All the history of that time is mentioned in it. Also in this… Women Tavern Keepers are quoted as being adored by all. Historians have said in many cases that it is written in the Epic of Gilgamesh that Siduri, a character in this, had superhuman powers and whenever there was a problem, she stood as a guide and saved the people. Kubaba, who was in the same profession, got the same level of respect. That’s why..she "the queen" Got the post. "Kubaba was a very pious woman. She is a symbol of women empowerment. She has many superpowers. That’s why everyone adored her. There is no one better than her in business" Historian Carol R. Fontaine mentioned in an article. Queen Kubaba played a key role in building the city of Kish. Her reign continued admirably for nearly a hundred years. After that the Kish Kingdom collapsed with a series of invasions. But…the path shown by Kubaba has shown a new path to history. 

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