Queen Elizabeth: The recipe that baffled Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth.. continued as the Queen of Britain for several decades. He died recently. She has lived for more than 90 years and has seen many important events in her life. Many developments have been observed around the world. Leaving them aside for a while.. The Queen’s former chef Darren McGrady revealed key things about her eating habits.. He worked as a chef for the late British Queen Elizabeth for a long time. He is fully aware of her eating habits compared to others. For many years, she ate the food she had cooked. The queen used to eat his dishes very much.

There were no big changes in Queen Elizabeth’s food menu. For the rest of his life.. every now and then he used to taste some new dish. There was a strict protocol when it came to food for the queen. If any new dish is to be added to the food menu, the Queen’s permission must be taken. Moreover.. she has to explain about its recipe. Only then would the queen say OK to those dishes.

At one point Darren McGrady wanted to introduce new dishes to the queen. A note was sent for the Queen’s permission to include a new dish in the menu. Queen Elizabeth got confused after hearing the name of the dish. The name of that dish is nothing else.. ‘Weeld Farmers Daughter’. She was surprised when she first heard the name of this dish. Moreover.. that dish also did not impress the queen. She sent it back because she was not explained about the ingredients in the dish as per protocol. At the same time, a note was sent back to the chef about the dish. What’s in that ‘Weald Farmers Daughters? Or who?!" They wrote that. Chef Darren immediately went to the Queen to explain about it.    

And Darren reveals several key points about the Queen’s food choices. Queen‌ Elizabeth says that they are those who take the same dish for a long time "If we add a new dish to the menu, we will send details about it to Queen‌. We will also explain the recipe in it. And then she chooses the item she wants.” He said. He revealed that he had never received any complaints from Queen Elizabeth regarding the cuisine. It has been revealed that they take the food prepared by them in moderation. There are those who say not to experiment with food. In this background, the work would have been easier for them.

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