Pregnant: Can pregnant women cook in microwave oven? Harmful to the baby in the womb?

My After the introduction of microwave oven electronic appliance many people are becoming lazy. Many people depend on it in this busy life. For some people, putting the food they want to eat and heating it in the oven, eating it and running out on errands becomes a routine for some people. However, experts warn that it is not good for pregnant women to come near this microwave oven and heat the ingredients and eat them. Women should be very careful while pregnant. They should be aware of the effect of what they are doing on their body. Experts say pregnant women should not come near the microwave. Because the electromagnetic waves in the microwave oven can harm your unborn baby. The more they stay away from radiation, the better. That is why it is said not to look at the phone too much after pregnancy. It is warned not to sleep with the phone near or next to the head as the radiation from it can affect the baby. It is also said to stay away from the microwave oven. There is a misconception that it is a danger to the child. And let’s find out if it is really a myth or reality.  

Most Indian households use microwave ovens for reheating or baking food. If there are any leakages in the awn, the little exposure to electromagnetic waves can affect the unborn baby. In most cases leakage problems occur when the device is very old or its door is not properly closed or it is not locked properly. They emit waves up to 12cm. These can affect the foetus/unborn child.

Does not pose any risk

Use of microwave oven as per FDA guidelines does not emit much radiation. Then he caused no harm to the child in the womb. It is best to replace the device with care in case of leakages. It is enough to take these precautions to avoid harming pregnant women.

Precautions to be taken

❂ Avoid using the microwave if the door is not properly closed. It is better to change it for your health.

❂ Although it is safe to cook in the oven, it should be avoided after placing the dish inside and setting the temperature and timer. Keep them away until the dish is done. Doing this helps to avoid exposure to radiation. 

❂ Avoid cooking or heating food in old plastic containers or microwave containers with scratches. This can cause chemicals to leak into the food.

❂ Do not overheat leftover food if you are reheating it.

❂ Leakages in microwaves are difficult to detect, but the older the microwave, the more likely it is to leak. are more So it is better to change it and get a new one.

❂ Before buying a microwave, you should buy the one with proper ISI mark.

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