Pregnancy: Pregnant women do not have many problems if they eat kakarakaya, eat it for your baby.

Attention to health increases after wearing Rhab. Because at that time they prefer to eat sweets, biryani and non-veg dishes. Common vegetable dishes are not given much attention. Eating sweets has no benefits for the baby. But eating vegetable dishes has many benefits. Especially on those days, kakarakaya is completely kept aside. It is not eaten because of its bitterness. Moreover, the dishes made with it are not very tasty. That is why there are very few pregnant women who eat dishes made with kakarakaya. But if you’re just looking for taste, you’re missing out. It is imperative to eat kakarakaya after pregnancy. It is very beneficial for mother and child. Try to eat at least every two days. This will also make your pregnancy journey easier. A fruitful child will be born. 

Why eat kakara?
Kakara is rich in fiber. Eating it will reduce your cravings for junk food. Eating junk food is harmful but not beneficial. Constipation problem occurs in many people after pregnancy. The risk of hemorrhoids also increases. The fiber present in kakara is also a good solution for these. Prevents constipation and causes comfortable diarrhea.  Kakarakaya is rich in nutrients like Charantin and Polypeptide-P. These prevent gestational diabetes. It gives the body the strength to fight even if it comes. Gestational diabetes is diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Due to this, many problems will arise in the  born child. Also this vegetable contains vitamin C. It gives strength to fight against harmful bacteria in the body. Increases patient immunity. According to studies, turmeric helps in promoting peristalsis. It helps in regulating bowel movement and digestive system in pregnant women. It means that what is eaten is known well. No indigestion symptoms. Folate is essential for pregnant women. This nutrient prevents neural tube defects in the baby. Pregnant women get plenty of folate by eating kakarakaya. 

What should be done and eaten?
Don’t frown when you say kakarakaya. It makes some dishes very tasty. Especially if jaggery is added and kakarakaya soup is added, it is eaten without stopping. Also  Kakarakaya Pallikaram is also very tasty. This is a fried curry. Make it with dal or sambar and eat it again and again. Try both of these. Eat for your baby. 

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