Pregnancy: Is sex safe after pregnancy? What precautions should be taken?

The former situation was different. Illalu used to go to the birth house when she found out that she was pregnant. But now the number of employees is high. She stays with her husband and goes to work instead of going to the birth house till the ninth month for maternity leave. In such situations they get many doubts. Can you have sex while pregnant or not? is the first doubt. When can I participate? Will there be any harm to the child… Such doubts clear the mind. Here are the answers from the experts. 

Pregnancy is a wonderful, beautiful journey. Moments every woman should experience for sure. It is an illusion to think that there are no sexual desires at that time. In some, those desires are reduced. But some are normal. Others become more agitated during pregnancy. It is very normal to have sexual desire during pregnancy.  

Is it safe?
Sex after pregnancy is good. It does not cause any harm to the fetus. The fetus or fetus is protected by the muscular walls of the abdomen and uterus. Ummani water also does not cause any harm. In fact, there are benefits to having sex at that time. Hormones called prostaglandins present in the sperm cause the uterus to contract. But those who have been told by doctors that there is a possibility of giving birth before the month is over, they should avoid sex. 

During the second trimester…
Pregnancy is divided into three sections. The first three months are called the first trimester, the next three months as the second trimester, and the last three months as the third trimester. In the first trimester it is very difficult to have sex. Because at that time morning sickness, fatigue and breast tenderness are felt. And in the second trimester, from the fourth month to the sixth month, the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones are high. At this time they enjoy sex. Care should be taken not to put any burden on the stomach.  In the third trimester, the stomach has grown so much that it feels uncomfortable. Don’t even think about that side. 

What does the study say?
A 2004 study found that sec increases the antibody called IgA in your body. It helps keep infections at bay. Some couples find that sexual activity during pregnancy helps them grow more in love with each other.

When to abstain?
As mentioned earlier, if the doctors say there is a possibility of premature birth, then refrain from sex‌ should be Also, if you feel any pain or stomach discomfort at that time, you should avoid it. Also, if there is bleeding after intercourse, you should see a doctor immediately. That should be avoided. Any sexually transmitted diseases should be avoided even if your partner has them. Otherwise those bacteria can reach the baby. 

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