Plants: These plants are mosquito repellent at home and are very easy to grow

Plants: These plants are mosquito repellent at home and are very easy to grow

Mosquitoes carry half of the world’s diseases. Due to these many viral infections and terrible diseases are spreading. To keep them away from the house, the methods used now are mosquito coils, all out. But using them for a long time is not a good practice. Mosquitoes are also living things. These chemicals, which only affect such small organisms, are not guaranteed to affect humans. That’s why experts say to use them sparingly. If the pest of mosquitoes is high, it is better to drive them away with natural methods. Especially if you make sure that the surrounding water does not stand, there will be no problem. Mosquito bats also provide some relief. But using certain types of plants in front of the house will give good results. Instead of using creams, lotions and sprays, buy some types of plants. Grow them at the doors and windows of your house. Mosquitoes go away from the smell of those plants.

Tulsi plant is present in every house. Tulsi plant is full of medicinal properties. It is very good for the environment. Mosquitoes do not like the smell coming from this Tulsi plant. Where there is Tulsi plant there are no mosquitoes. Also, it is good to apply the juice of these leaves if there is an itch where the mosquito has bitten. You may not be able to grow neem tree at home, try to grow small plants. These repel mosquitoes. Neem is also used in mosquito repellants.

Rose Mary plants are available in nurseries. Mosquitoes also do not like the smell of these rose mary plants. To prevent them from entering the house, plant rose mary plants near doors and windows. Or soak the flowers of this plant in water and spray the water in the house.

Lavender plants also help to repel mosquitoes. The oil extracted from lavender is used in some creams and lotions. Keep lavender plants near the house when mosquitoes are in high numbers. Mosquitoes go away from that smell.

Lemon plant also repels mosquitoes. If you put lemon plants in small pots and keep them near doors and windows, mosquitoes will not come there. Lemon leaves are rich in citronella. It is also used in mosquito repellants.

Banti plants are available outside at very low rates. Place them around the old house in more pots. Mosquitoes do not like the pungent smell of these flowers and leaves. It is enough to grow more of these plants in the balcony. Mosquitoes do not come from that side. Even if you add the juice of marigold flowers and leaves in water and spray it at home, mosquitoes will run away.

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Note: The information collected from many studies and researches has been provided here as usual. It is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Be sure to include this food in your diet only after consulting a doctor or a nutritionist. This information is for your information only.

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