Pizza: Eating a pizza every week? But be aware of what is happening to your body

Pizza: Eating a pizza every week?  But be aware of what is happening to your body

Pizza: Many people think that pizza is not eaten daily, but what happens if we eat it once a week? There are some things that such people should know. Pizza is one of the most popular foods. It falls under the category of junk food. Its taste makes people addicted to it. That’s why if you get used to eating pizza, you can’t stop eating it. If you remember that, the desire to eat enough will increase in your mind. Some people are afraid to eat during the day, thinking that they will gain weight. That’s why they get used to eating pizza once in a while. They think that eating like that will not cause any diseases. That is a complete myth. Even if you eat pizza once a week, there are many changes in the body. 

Heart problems
If you make it a habit to eat pizza once a week, the risk of heart problems is imminent. They use processed meat. They are put on the pizza on top of the toppings. So eating pizza is likely to get more saturated fat into the body. Also pizza base is made with maida. It is very dangerous. Cholesterol levels increase and the risk of heart disease increases. Harmful consequences occur in the body. 

Weight Gain
A slice of plain cheese pizza adds 400 calories to the body. If you eat two to three pieces, there is a possibility of eight hundred to 1200 calories. If the other foods eaten that day are also added, 2000 calories are added to the body in one day. It is very harmful. Calories that the body can’t handle get inside and weight increases quickly.

Risk of cancer
Processed meats are used on top of pizza. They are high in fat. Eating these can lead to colon and stomach cancer. 

Should you stop eating?
We are not saying to stop eating pizza completely. Instead of eating once a week, eat once a month. This does not cause much harm. Cut back on other foods the day you eat pizza. Due to this, there is no possibility of excess fat and calories reaching the body. Also make your own pizza base at home. A base made of flour is found outside. Prepare pizza at home by making a base made of wheat flour. This leads to good health. 

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