People with thin fingers are intelligent. Which finger is long makes a person rich

Hast Rekha : There is a deep relation between the structure of the body and the position of your planets in the horoscope. The body reflects the strong and weak positions of the planets in the horoscope. On the basis of which a lot can be told about you. Knowing your qualities and talent, you can earn profit by performing it at the right time. 

– Based on the structure, habit and thinking of different parts of the body, assesses our personality and life. confirms the principles already propounded by our sages. 

-The structure, symptoms etc. of the organs are all subject to oceanic science. The subject of which is found in great detail in Indian texts. 

-Thin, small and beautiful fingers are rich in intelligence. Do intellectual work, perform well in the field of journalists, writers, teachers and arts. 

-Thick, hard fingers give the opposite result. That is, such persons are strong in doing physical labor. The army, police, etc. perform well in military departments.  

-Long and slightly bent at the back at the upper end, the thumb indicates determination, high ambition and practicality   Such people keep their point loudly. And they have good reasoning ability. Flexible thumbs are humble. 

-The ring finger being bigger than the index finger is a sign of different thinking, ambition, boundless energy and courage. The ring finger longer than the index finger also makes a person very famous. With this, Kanishta should come till the first tip of the ring finger. It has been found in all the famous, wealthy and world famous in the field of art. 

-Long thumb also makes any ordinary person special. The sun of fame of such a person never sets if the lower knuckles and the upper knuckles are equal. Most of the players’ thumbs are found like this.  

-This scripture is proving to be very effective in raising the child. Understanding of organs and gestures is very useful in raising children. Boys with soft hands are very emotional and imaginative and their concentration is weak. They can break down with scolding or bullying, but if anything is said encouraging them to be taken into confidence, then they do their job very hard. Girls with tough hands are very bold and they lack the habit of following advice. If more anger is made on them, then they even turn to rebellion. 

– Children whose thumb root is thinner than the upper parts of the thumb, they have less immunity. And those whose root of the thumb is equal to the upper part of the thumb, they have better immunity. If children’s fingers are kinky, then children’s technical understanding will be good. And their interest will be more in engineering and medical field, while children whose lower end of fingers are thick and upper end is sharp, they have special interest in social subjects and literature.

-If we understand the Indian oceanography, then we can bring positive improvement in our life. Your fingers, your face, indicate your instincts.

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