Paratha Recipe: Paneer-pea paratha, a kid-friendly breakfast

Paratha Recipe: Chapatis are made in everyone’s homes, but parathas are made in very few homes. They seem difficult to do but are actually very easy. A variety of nutrients can be obtained from chapati or paratha itself. We can cook the paratha as per our liking. The recipe given here is Paneer – Pea Paratha. It contains many healthy ingredients. Paneer and green peas are very good for health. Feeding the kids will give them enough energy. 

Wheat flour – one cup
Paneer pieces – two cups
Green peas – Two cups
Green chillies – three 
Garam masala – half‌spoon
Cumin powder – teaspoon
Chili – half spoon
Salt – to taste 
Oil – Sufficient
coriander powder- two spoons

Preparation as
1. Soft chapatis are loved by children. Making them more nutritious would be great. 
2. Add the wheat flour as usual to the chapati dough. Put it together in a bowl, cover it and keep it aside for ten minutes. Add some oil while kneading and it will become soft. 
3. Now add the boiled green peas, paneer pieces, coriander powder, green chilli powder, cumin powder, garam masala, chilli powder and salt and mix well. Press the paneer and peas with your hands to make a smooth paste. 
4. Now take the chapati dough and press it like a small puri and put the pea-paneer mixture in the middle and fold it.
5. Press it round and bake both sides on the pan.  

The paneer used in this has many uses. It prevents breast cancer. It is very good for the heart. People with diabetes can control blood sugar levels by eating it. Increases immunity. Gives strength to bones. It is also rich in proteins. It is the best food that provides protein for vegetarians. 

Moreover, green peas are rich in Vitamin A, C, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Eating these will give the children enough energy. From weight loss to lowering blood glucose levels, it has many beneficial effects. 

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