Paneer Curry: Paneer methi curry to be smothered in chapati

Paneer Curry: Paneer methi curry to be smothered in chapati

Paneer, a milk product, has many fans. Various dishes like Paneer Tikka, Paneer Biryani, Paneer 65 can be cooked with it. Also many curries like paneer masala, paneer butter masala, palak paneer are also ready in the kitchen. But this time make a new tasty curry with paneer and fenugreek in the roti. It is very easy to make. Moreover, these are also rich in nutrients. It provides many essential vitamins and minerals for both children and adults. Let’s see how to make it.

Ingredients required
Paneer – 200 grams 
Tomato – two 
Cumin – half spoon < br />Chili – half a spoon 
Garam masala – half a spoon 
Oil – three spoons
 Mentikura – 500 grams 
Ginger – small piece 
Turmeric – one spoon 
Coriander powder – one spoon 
Salt – as per taste

Preparation as
1. Finely grate the fenugreek, clean it well in water and keep it aside. Now cut the paneer into small pieces in a bowl.
2. Put a pan on the stove and add oil. When the oil heats up, add cumin seeds and fry. Then add grated ginger and fry.
3.  Add chilli, turmeric and salt to them and fry for few seconds. Add the cut paneer cubes to the oil and fry without sticking.
4. After frying the paneer for two to three minutes, add chopped fenugreek to the mixture and mix. Cover and let it cook for five minutes.
5. While the water is boiling, add garam masala powder and coriander powder and mix. 
6. Now finely chop the tomatoes and put them in the curry. Cover and simmer.
7. Tomatoes take time to ripen. Mix well with a ladle.
8. Paneer methi is ready. It tastes great when eaten with chapati or pulka. 

Using fenugreek leaves in daily diet has many health benefits. This single vegetable provides many nutrients to the body. They help prevent diabetes and heart related diseases. These leaves contain nutrients like iron, selenium, calcium, manganese and zinc. These leaves help prevent type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Improves blood circulation throughout the body. Increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. This is very healthy for the heart. The risk of heart attack is greatly reduced. People with high blood pressure should include fenugreek leaves in cooking. It contains galactomannan and potassium which regulates blood pressure. Menthi leaves are also good for those who want to lose weight. They protect against problems like stomach ulcers and intestinal inflammation. 

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