Overworked at the office? If the working hours increase, the life expectancy will decrease!

Overworked at the office?  If the working hours increase, the life expectancy will decrease!

Week Working Hours: 

How many hours to work..? 

How many hours should you work per week? Now social media is all over this debate. Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy’s comments that youth should work 70 hours a week are going viral. Hitavu said that this is the way to increase productivity. As many people supported these comments as many opposed them. How many working hours should be? How much is good for health? There is a big discussion going on. Generally, the average working week hours in most countries is 40 hours. Most people are working from 9 am to 5 pm. In some countries these working hours are less than 40 hours..and in some countries it is more than 50 hours. In America, many people work more than 40 hours. Some polls‌ On the basis…some work 47 hours…39% work more than 50 hours. Many reports have made it clear that due to this excessive work, one has to suffer a lot physically and mentally. 

What do the reports say..? 

Australian National According to University Report…Ideal Work‌ Week Hours (Ideal Week Work Hours)  39 hours. She warned that it would be dangerous to work beyond that. They warned that if you work excessively, you will get stress, diabetes, heart attack and cancer in addition to pain. Experts argue that it is not correct to work long hours to increase productivity. That’s not all. Work Life Balance‌ It is said that if it goes out of control, we will have to face many difficulties. In Japan, the life expectancy of people working long hours is decreasing. Some commit suicide because they cannot bear the pressure. Some countries that observe this have rules that only so many hours can be worked per week. Another important thing is…our brain‌ Only 4 hours a day can focus on one task. It has scientific‌ Experts say there is evidence. Brain‌ Psychiatrists’ advice is to take a break from stress. Some research has revealed that even if top performers are observed in offices, they focus on work only for 4-5 hours a day. If you work beyond that, you will be under a lot of stress. On reaching that point…immediately relax the brain. Must be sent into mode. 

Need a break..

To increase brain power…work for 52 minutes at a time and again for 17 minutes. Relax‌ to become Experts suggest that those in the creative field are better off working in short shifts. If you work for more hours, you will lose interest in the job and productivity will decrease. It is true that working 39 hours a week is better. But…even after those working hours, some feel stressed thinking about the same job. Even if it doesn’t work…you will be under that pressure. That’s why you should stop opening office mails and checking notifications on weekends. If you follow these tips, most of the stress will be reduced. Can get out of. 

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