Organ Donation: Do you know when the first organ donation was done? Myths about organ donation – these are the facts

It is strange that one person dies and another lives. But, it is true. Just ‘organization’ That makes it possible. How many lives can be saved by a dead person donating his organs? All the organs like kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs and brain can be donated and the lives of those in need can be saved. Earlier, they were not the ones who actually came forward for organ donation. But now they are coming forward to do organ donation. However, awareness of this is essential. Hence, World Organ Donation Day is held on August 13 every year.  People are informed about the importance of organ donation. 

How did organ donation start?

In 1954, the first organ donation was successfully done in the US. Dr. Joseph Murray performed this operation. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Psychology and Medicine in 1990 for his successful life-saving kidney transplant of twin brothers Ronald and Richard Herrick.

Who can donate an organ?

< p>Anyone who does not have any chronic diseases related to HIV, heart related diseases, cancer, lung can be transplanted. It has nothing to do with caste, religion or region. But the person doing the organ transplant should be 18 years old.

Types of organ donation

There are two types of organ donation. Man can live with one kidney and one liver. The organs are removed while the person is still alive and transplanted. In the second method.. the body is donated after the death of the donor. The healthy organs in that body can be transferred to victims suffering from severe illness.

❂ Anyone can donate organs. There are no caste or religion objections for this.

❂ If a man dies, his organs become useless after the heart stops. For some people, when the brain stops working, the heart continues to work. They can be removed and transplanted only at a certain time.

❂ There is a misconception that after removing the organs, the body is scattered. But after taking the necessary organs, the human body is finely stitched. It will take a normal form again.

❂ There is an organ transplant law in our country. It is a legal offense for any outsider to sell or buy these organs. Only close relatives can donate organs to those who need them.

❂ Many people think that they will get sick after organ donation. But that is just a myth. In fact, amputees are just as normal as normal people. All the tests are done to know the health condition of the person before the organ transplant. Doctors will agree to organ donation only if all the reports are correct.

❂ There is a misconception that transplanting female organs to men is not possible. But that is not true at all. Liver and kidney of male and female are the same so they can be transplanted safely. The donor’s body organs should be functioning regularly. Only then will it be possible to donate. People above 60 years of age slow down the function of body organs.  

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