Optical Illusion: A cat hiding in an owl, did you see it? Let’s find out in half a second

Optical illusion is the beautiful art of tricking the eyes. Once you get used to them, you will keep looking for them. Their specialty is that they cannot find the answer immediately even if they have the answer right in front of their eyes. Here we give you a new optical illusion. It has egg nests with big eyes. A kitten was stuck in the middle with its mouth open. You have to guess and say it in just half a second. We have already given you a hint. We said that it is a cat with its mouth open. Very few people were able to solve this puzzle in half a second. Check if you are among those few people.  It’s also very fun.

Here’s the answer…
Congratulations to whoever discovered this kitten. This is an attempt to tell those who can’t find it anymore. The beaks of the owls in it are replaced by the open mouth of a cat. It also has two ears on the head. If you still can’t find the cat, look at the end of the third line in the photo. You get a cat. 

Optical illusions improve brain-eye coordination. Increases brain function. Brings sharp ideas. These have been a part of entertainment for many years. But it is not known who invented it, when it was invented and in what period it was filmed for the first time. These puzzles have become very viral on social media. Seeing these also improves eyesight and concentration. Now the number of painters creating optical illusions has increased.  Many painters abroad are now creating optical illusions and making them viral on social media. Many of the illusions have already gone viral. 

Once upon a time these images were in the form of murals on walls. The oldest of these is on the walls of the Airavateswara Temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Its age is about 900 years. These are the symbols of 12th century architecture. These are the masterpieces of Chola’s sculptural ingenuity. There are two animals in it. One is a bull and the other is an elephant. These two seem to belong together. Some see a bull, others see an elephant.  Anyway, the optical illusion is good for the eye and the brain. Try teaching these to children too. It helps in increasing their concentration.

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