Onions: Cut and store onions? 73 people are sick in that country

Onions: Cut and store onions?  73 people are sick in that country

There is no need to cut vegetables during this period. Cut vegetables are available in supermarkets and online. People who don’t have time to cut vegetables and are lazy are ordering these and cooking. Some eat them raw without cleaning them. However, it is very dangerous. The recent incident in America is a proof of this. 

Around 73 people across America fell ill due to salmonella outbreak. Medical officials were shocked to know the reason for this. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced to stop the sale of pre-cut onions in the supermarket after knowing that they all got sick because of the cut onions. 

Officials said that salmonella was detected in the onions sold by Giles Onions in California. It has been revealed that the company has been ordered to take back the company’s products immediately. The onion slices were reportedly sold in select stores in Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Consumers who purchased them at the end of August were told to immediately destroy and not eat if they are still in stock.

Salmonella Thompson outbreak linked to onions?

Salmonella is foodborne. A contagious infection. It is especially common in stored food. If someone eats them by mistake, they become sick with infections. According to CDC estimates, Salmonella causes 1.35 million infections annually. This infection is called ‘salmonellosis’ Also known as People infected with this infection have the following symptoms. Salmonella symptoms appear within six hours of eating the food. 

Salmonella Infection Symptoms

⦿ Diarrhea or bloody diarrhea
⦿ Fever
⦿ Stomach upset or confusion
⦿ Nausea, vomiting

These symptoms last for four to seven days. However, in some people, the infection lasts for several weeks. However, doctors say that there is no need to worry and there is a treatment available for this. Drink a lot of water when the infection subsides. Adequate rest is required. But in some, the effect of this infection is severe. Children are particularly at risk.

They are at greater risk of salmonella

⦿ Adults 65 years of age and older
⦿ One year old who are not breastfeeding Infants
⦿ Children below five years of age
⦿ People with low immune system
⦿ People with weakened immune system
⦿ Patients taking medication for various diseases

What is safe to do?

Many of us need to eat raw onions. However, they should be very clean. It is best not to eat raw onions that have been stored for a long time. Also breaking the onions to cut them again and again.. Many people cut them and hide them in the fridge when they have time. Sometimes they are used. It loses the flavor of the onion. Moreover.. various bacteria also quickly add to the onion pieces. Powerful as long as you don’t cut the onion. After cutting, there is no power in it. Hence, the microorganisms quickly spoil. So, don’t pre-cut onions and store them. Also, don’t buy cut vegetables found in supermarkets…don’t eat them. Also, fresh vegetables should be refrigerated immediately to avoid food poisoning. Also, any food should be refrigerated within two hours of cooking. 

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