Omicron Symptoms: O My Cron .. Do the new Kovid infection show symptoms? Here are the key points made by the South African doctor.

Co wid new variant & lsquo; Omicron & rsquo; If you know about .. you are definitely called O My God. Because .. The symptoms of this Omicron infection do not come out so quickly. This was revealed by a South African doctor himself. New variant of Omicron & zwnj; Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who alerted the world about .. told the key points about the Kovid patients who came to her. & Nbsp;

She told a media organization .. & lsquo; & lsquo; Recovered without being admitted to hospital. I have seen a total of 30 corona virus patients in the last ten days. But, I saw in them different characteristics than the last Kovid. Some of them looked more tired. He said they had to undergo surgery. Most of the Kovid victims were under the age of 40. About 50 percent of them have also been vaccinated. A 33-year-old victim said he had been very tired for the past few days. He said he had nightmares and light headaches. Most victims said they had little muscle pain. There is a sore throat, dry cough. Very few people have a rise in body temperature & rsquo; & rsquo; The clinical evidence of the seven Kovid victims who came to Angelique Coetzee on the 18th of this month did not match the Kovid-Delta variant. With this, South African scientists announced on November 25 that they had discovered a new variant of Kovid. As a result, traffic to various countries was suspended. Omicron is being touted as dangerous because it has more mutations than Delta. However, Dr. Angelique said that the Kovid victims who came with Omicron did not show any major symptoms, and eventually those who did not receive the vaccine showed minor symptoms. However, it is said to spread most rapidly. Most people took two doses a few months ago. Now the effect of that vaccine will gradually diminish. So .. no matter which variant is attacked now .. it also infects those who have been vaccinated. According to the Genomics Surveillance Network (NGS-SA) in South Africa, the number of cases has quadrupled in just a few days. If symptoms appear, get tested and treated immediately. But, the new variant features do not come out so quickly. It is thought to be difficult to cure even if it progresses well afterward. & Nbsp;

Can current vaccines prevent it? Currently available vaccines cause 32 mutations in spike protein that trigger the body to detect a spike version of a new virus. However, the spike protein in Omicron looks so different that the body’s immune system may not be able to recognize and fight it. H655Y, N679K, P681H mutations in 32 .. help the virus to penetrate more easily into body cells. R203K, G204R mutations .. help the virus to fly faster. However, experts say that vaccines can significantly reduce the stress caused by omicran, so it is important to speed up the vaccination process in areas where the virus is a threat. People on the other hand should also continue to wear masks responsibly. Wash your hands immediately after drinking anything. Most importantly, stay away from fake messages on WhatsApp. Some people already have & lsquo; WhatsApp & rsquo; Babaji & zwnj; s .. started false propaganda. Fear is spreading that the virus has entered India. & Nbsp;


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