Okinawa Town: Want to live longer? Go to this area, guaranteed for 100 years, because..

The average life span of people in our country is estimated to be 80 years at most. Here and there, there is a possibility that some people will live for another five or ten years more. But century celebrations are very rare. But if you go to that area, you will see at least one hundred hundred year old grandfathers and grandmothers on the street. So where is that area? Do you want to know the reason why they live so long? 

The area known for centenarians is in Japan. Most of the population living on the island of Okinawa in the Kyushu region are over 100 years old. That is why this island is considered as ‘Blue Zone’. In fact, it is common there for Okinawans to live past one hundred years. But, for us, it is very strange. 

Is this the secret of their health?: The secret behind people living there for more than a hundred years is Ikigai. ‘Ikigai’ That is the concept that translates to the purpose of life. Japanese centenarians continue to live their lives centered around ikigai. The World Economic Forum conducted a survey on them. It has been studied for some time on how they continue their life at maximum capacity. She met the people there and learned about their practices.  Recognizes the precautions they take to live longer. 

Healthy food

Food is very useful for our body. But it should be known exactly what and how much to take. ‘The Okinawan Way’ According to Dr. Bradley Will‌Cox, author of the book.. 100-year-olds claim to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables and legumes in their daily diet.  

Hara Hachi Bu

‘Hara Hachi Bu’ It is a practice that Okinawans follow to live a long and healthy life. According to this.. every person should eat only enough food to fill 80 percent of his stomach. That is, 20 percent of the stomach should be kept empty. Not only does it make the body lighter, but food is also digested quickly. 

Peace of mind

Okinawans do not believe in retirement. People say what they want to do. They are very open without any secrets. Focus only on favorite tasks. Do not get involved in unnecessary matters. That’s why they do everything very carefully. They have mental peace. This keeps them healthy for many years.

Social group

Besides large families, good relationships with others is another reason for Okinawan longevity. People join many groups. They meet all the time. They take tea. Along with the news happening around, many things are discussed. Our ancestors used to be like this. That’s why our elders are so healthy.   

Relation to Time

Okinawans‌ Any work is done slowly and carefully. Do not run by calendar and dates. They are more inclined to work easily than to be stuck in work all the time.


Spirituality is the relationship between body, mind,  spirit. It is highly valued by Okinawans. They maintain wholesome worship inside and outside their bodies. As you can see, if we follow at least one of these methods, we can live a healthy life whether or not the life expectancy increases. But, is that possible in this busy life?

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