Not a shadow man, he who was white like a jasmine flower has turned like this, do you know why?

What is seen here is not a shadow, but a man. Actually he is white like jasmine flower. And what happened to him? Why did it turn so black? What product did he use? Such is your doubt. Don’t worry at all. The reason why he changed like this is the ‘views’ crazy Well, he is a YouTuber. So, you get the point. 

His name is Hajime. Japan‌ The most popular YouTuber in The various strange things he does are very impressive to the Japanese. He does new experiments and shoots videos and shares them on social media platforms. His videos are watched by Japanese people. Every video he posts gets a huge number of views. Recently he surprised by painting the blackest painting in the world. His followers were surprised when he posted these photos on his Twitter.

Musou Black, which is recognized as the blackest paint in the world. Koyo Orient Japan has developed and sold this paint. Wherever this paint is applied, it absorbs up to 99.965% of visible light. Overall an excellent black coating. This paint is also the most expensive. Currently this paint is not available in the open market. Available only on Amazon online platform. The cost of 100ml of paint is $17 (about Rs.1400). Recently Black Musou Paint‌ He wanted to create the world’s blackest room using As planned, he painted a room black. After that he closed his friend’s eyes and took him to that room. He was surprised to see this black room. Can others see him in the dark at the same time? To find out, Musou smears black paint on himself. Even his friend can’t recognize Hajime in the dark. He posted the video of the incident on his YouTube channel. This YouTube video has received a large number of views. Mitta went to the local beach in the afternoon, keeping the black color he was wearing. With the black color, his form appears just like a shadow. He shared those photos with his fans on Twitter. His followers and netizens were shocked to see these photos.


—はじんしゃちょー(hajime) (@hajimesyacho) August 29, 2022

Actually Musou Black was available a long time ago. It is used to paint all kinds of things from cars to fruits. Azim smeared it for the first time. This color is skin contact‌ It completely prevents But, on the contrary, Hajim is seen to some extent. Netizens who saw these photos. They are laughing.

—はじんしゃちょー(hajime) (@hajimesyacho) August 29, 2022

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