Non Alcoholic Beer: Are you drinking non alcoholic beer? If you know this, stop heart

Non Alcoholic Beer: Are you drinking non alcoholic beer?  If you know this, stop heart

Drug addicts get excited about beer. Bottles of beer are emptied into bottles regardless of the seasons. However, alcohol in beer can cause liver damage. Due to this, many are avoiding beer keeping their health in mind. But those who want to enjoy its taste are shifting to non-alcoholic beers. And is it right to do this? What exactly are non-alcoholic beers? How are these made? Let’s find out whether these things are good for health. 

Recently, the youth are showing interest in taking non-alcoholic drinks. It is expected that the youth take this kind of decision to get rid of the ill effects of alcohol. And the alcohol manufacturing companies are also releasing non-alcoholic beers in the market. These are also sold in regular supermarkets. From this the taste of traditional beer remains the same. But due to the zero alcohol content in it, there is no intoxication.. However, experts concluded in a recent study that there is a possibility of side effects due to excessive consumption of non-alcoholic  beers. Warning. Experts warn that there is a risk of bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, which cause food poisoning, being present in these non-alcoholic beers. Recent research has revealed that these are likely to cause food poisoning. The latest research has revealed that these bacteria present in non-alcoholic beers are active for up to three months. 

Dr. Charles of Cornell University in America says that it is good for health to take regular beers in limited amounts instead of these non-alcoholic beers. A recent study found that even non-alcoholic beers contain more dangerous bacteria than alcoholic beers. In this context, experts suggest that it is better to stay away from non-alcoholic beers. 

If you plan to participate in parties.. Experts also suggest that it is better to consume regular alcoholic beers in limited quantities. Meanwhile, the sale of non-alcoholic beer is increasing in the market. Their production is increasing every year. But instead of non-alcoholic beer, experts say it is better to limit to other non-alcoholic drinks in parties.

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