Nightmares: Why do nightmares occur? How to prevent them?

For some people, it makes them sleepy when they go to bed. It is very comfortable and peaceful for them. But in the middle of the night, the mind comes with an unexpected disturbance. Some wake up scared in their sleep. It is said that he had a nightmare and was afraid. These are all very scary dreams like a monster running around, snakes running behind you, falling into a river, lost and wandering alone in a forest. These cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. It is possible to have the same dream again the next night. That is why they are called nightmares. These not only affect sleep but also mental health. 

Why do nightmares occur?
According to mental health experts, it is difficult to say exactly where they occur. That is a secret. But it is said that these dreams come according to the mental state of the person and dreams are also a part of the manifestations. It is said that those who face problems in childhood are more likely to have such nightmares when they reach adulthood. Mental health experts say that 80 percent of people will definitely have bad dreams when they reach adulthood. 

How to prevent them?
In fact, it is difficult to stop them completely. But it can be stopped by not having too serious dreams and frightening situations. 

Psychological examination: If you are having bad dreams all the time, you should have a mental health examination. People with depression, bi-polar disorder and mental disorders are more likely to have nightmares. If they are treated, such dreams will stop. The aforementioned health problems can be triggers for nightmares. 

Warm Bath: It is very good to take a bath with warm water before going to bed at night. All the confusion, chaotic experiences and fatigue in the human being will leave the body. If you do meditation, pranayama, exercises, everything will get better. 

Treatment for insomnia: Nightmares are also a problem for people with insomnia. Even if there are panic attacks, they will manifest themselves in the form of nightmares. So insomnia should be treated. 

No alcohol: Eat light food at night. Beets and deep-fried dishes should not be eaten. Especially alcohol should be avoided. This relaxes the brain. Consuming such foods and drinks makes the brain active and does not allow enough sleep. This causes insomnia. Nightmares come and haunt you even during sleep. 

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