Nellore Fish Curry Recipe: Nellore fish curry, why is it famous?

Nellore Fish Curry Recipe :Hyderabad biryani, Kakinada kaja, Tapeshwaram puta flakes.. Each food item is famous in each region. When you come to Nellore, fish soup is famous here. Originally, the name Nellore fish soup remained as a brand. Be it Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai or finally Delhi, Nellore fish soup is a special attraction in big hotels. The original Nellore fish soup is so famous..?

Fish can be found everywhere. Fish soup, fish fry…everyone makes various dishes like this. But only Nellore fish soup is famous. The main reason for this is the broth served here. Method of adding broth. More tamarind is used in the soup here than in other regions, and that too red tamarind is used more. Do not put the fish pieces in the broth until it boils well. Nellore fish soup has become special due to these reasons. 

Cooking on a wood stove 

Cooking on a wood stove is very different from cooking on gas. Wood stoves are used to prepare fish soup in hotels in Nellore. Cooking masters say that only by doing that, the fish soup gets that taste. It is said that the taste of Nellore fish soup increases after a day, hence parcels are sent from here to other places like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai. The managers of the hotels say that they go after tasting the soup. Various fish items are said to be found only in Nellore. 

In addition to the use of tamarind in the soup, the method of making the soup is also unique, so Nellore fish soup has become famous everywhere. But in other places you can find dishes called Nellore Fish Soup, but you have to come to Nellore to get the real taste. About five to six varieties of fish are available in the hotel. They are very impressive especially when they put a board outside which variety is there every day. There must be fish broth in it. If you want to know the real taste of Nellore fish soup, you can do it in Nellore. Nellore brand name fish curry available in other places does not have that taste. In Nellore hotels, fish soup is overflowing. 

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