Navratri Recipe : Tired of eating khichdi during fasting? Just try this dosa once, see the easy recipe


Dosa Recipe : Navratri is full of colors, traditions, music and dance. Navratri festival is starting from 26th September. Many devotees fast during Navratri festival to please the deities and some to relieve their stomach. But rest is just as important these days. It is necessary to pay attention to sattvic diet along with rest. Find out today easily Recipe to make ‘Upwasacha Dosa’ (Dosa Recipe)… 

Ingredients to make ‘Upwasacha Dosa’ Dosa – 

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  • Sago – 1 cup
  • Yogurt – 2 tbsp
  • Bhagar – half cup
  • Salt – to taste
  • Water – As required
  • Recipe for making ‘fasting dosa’ –

    – To make dosa first wash the sago grains. 
    – In the sago grain Keep water and soak it for four hours.
    – Wash bhagar like sago. 
    – Soak bhagar for half an hour. Divide the mixture. 
    – Do not divide the mixture too tightly. 
    – Add salt to the prepared mixture according to taste. 
    – After the mixture is well prepared, heat a non-stick pan.&nbsp ;
    – Add drops of oil on the non-stick tawa.
    – Add two spoons of water on the tawa and wipe the tawa.
    – Heat the tawa well. 
    – Ready on the hot tawa Two of the mixture made Add a spoon and spread it in a circle. 
    – Hot dosa and peanut chutney are very tasty to eat.   

    What care should be taken while fasting?

    – Those fasting during Navratri should avoid traveling without work. 

    – Fasting should be avoided if sick. 

    – Pregnant women should take medical advice and decide about fasting. 

    – Should decide to fast considering their capacity. 

    – Do not get addicted while fasting. 

    – Consume fruits and milk during fasting. 

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