Navratri Recipe: Make fast food fast; Know the above Khichdi recipe…


Varai Khichadi Recipe : After Ganesha festival, Navratri festival is a must. After two years, Navratri festival (Navratri 2022) will be celebrated in many places across the country.  When you say ‘Navratri Festival’, Dandiya, Garba and fasting foods come before your eyes. Many congregations fast for nine days during Navratri festival. But one gets tired of eating khichdi, sabudane vade, the usual fasting food. So find out Varai Khichadi Recipe Recipe…

Ingredients required to make ‘Varai Khichadi’ – 

  • Vari – a bowl
  • Green chillies – three to four
  • Ghee – two tablespoons
  • Cumin seeds – a pinch
  • Peanuts – half a bowl< /li>
  • Hot water – as required
  • Salt – as per taste

Recipe for making ‘Vari Khichdi’ –

< p>– To make ‘Vari Khichdi’, first of all, wash the Vari with clean water. 

– Drain the water well. 

– Meanwhile, heat the kadai on the gas and add ghee in it. Add. 

– After the ghee is heated, add cumin. Add Vari. 

– Fry the Vari well in ghee. 

– Stir the Vari frequently. 

– After frying the Vari, add water to it.&nbsp ;

– After the water begins to boil, add groundnut paste and salt to taste. Kave. 

– Mix the mixture in the pan properly.

– Then cover the upper khichdi and let steam come. 

– When steam comes The khichdi is ready. 

– Hot ‘Vari khichdi’ is delicious to eat. 

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