Navratri Recipe : Know the recipe to make Banana Crispy Kachori for Fasting…


Navratri Recipe : After two years of celebration ‘Navratri Festival’ (Navratri 2022) is happening. Dandiya, garba and fasting foods come before the eyes when Navratri is said. But one gets tired of eating khichdi, sabudane vade, the usual fasting food. So know how to make Crispy Banana Kachori Recipe

Ingredients to make Banana Kachori – 

  • Raw bananas – three – Four
  • Singa flour – one to two bowls
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Ginger-chili paste – two spoons
  • Wet coconut – A bowl
  • Sugar – as per taste
  • Dry fruits – as per taste
  • Oil – for frying

To make banana fast kachori Recipe – 

– First of all, raw bananas should be partially steamed to make banana fasting kachori. 

– After the banana cools down, peel it and mash it. 

– After that, add corn flour, wheat flour, salt and make a nice pari. 

– Mix salt, sugar, dry fruits in wet coconut to make saran. 

– Take a ball from the dough prepared for pari and prepare it in a bowl. should be done. 

– Prepare all kachoris in this way. 

– Fry kachoris in oil.

– Prepared kachoris are delicious to eat with curd or chutney.  

Drink warm milk along with the fasting diet

Many people feel tired while fasting. In that case, milk should be consumed. Milk contains protein, calcium and vitamin B-2. So drinking milk during fasting is beneficial for health. Drinking hot milk along with the fasting mix will also help in filling the stomach. Milk also does not cause many problems.

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