Navratri 2022 : What is the connection between Navratri and Garba? Know why Garba is played in Navratri


Navratri 2022 : Navratri (Navratri 2022) The festival is just a few days away. garba. They play garba with passion. But why they play Garba only during Navratri? Or what is the connection between Navratri and Garba? Not much idea about it. Today we are going to tell you some information in this regard. That will not confuse you. Let’s know the special relationship between Navratri and Garba.  

Why Garba is played in Navratri?

Though Garba has become an era of competition or fashion in modern times, playing Garba in the court of Goddess has a religious significance. Mother Ambe is believed to have killed Mahishasura. People danced after being freed from the tyranny of Mahishasura. This dance is popularly known as ‘Garba’. Devotees believe that Maa Ambe is very fond of this dance and hence the tradition of performing Garba with devotion continues after the installation of Maa. It is also believed to make mothers happy.

Traditional Significance of Garba

Traditionally Garba is performed by lighting a lamp around an earthen pot, called ‘Garbha Deep’. It is symbolic. Dancers move in a circle around this earthen pot or pitcher and make circular movements with their arms and legs. This gesture is also considered to symbolize the cycle of life. One who progresses from life to death to rebirth. An earthen pot or garbo symbolizes the womb.

It is believed that Amba Mata (Ambe Maa) is a woman and protector of the world. She protects her children from the wrath of the outside world and stands up for her children like every mother. The inner light symbolizes the baby in the womb. It is the honor of every woman, especially mothers. The womb is also life-giving, where the body is born and takes shape. For this, playing Garba in Navratri is of special importance. 

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