Navratri 2022 : Make crispy crackers in Navratri; Learn the easy recipe


Navratri Recipe : Navratri (Navratri 2022) starts from Pratipada Tithi of Ashwin month. Goddess is worshiped in this festival. Navratri Festival is celebrated by playing Dandiya, Garba. For nine days different types of food are offered to the goddess as offerings. On the seventh or eighth day of Navratri, offerings of kadkans are made to the goddess. Some people also tie the necklace to Ghata by making a string necklace. Some people fast for nine days during Navratri. So, some people eat these crisp and crunchy kadhars with chaha after fasting. Let’s learn the easy way to prepare these delicious crackers.

Ingredients required for preparing kadkanye:

1. A kilo of flour 
2. Pav Vati Rava
3. 125 grams of sugar 
4. Pav Vati Toop 
3. Salt to taste
4. Oil for frying 


First prepare powdered sugar. Then take sifted flour and add fine semolina and little salt to it. Add hot ghee to it. Mix this mixture. After that, add a spoonful of water to the pithi sugar and mix. Add this mixture to the flour mixture. Knead all this mixture by adding water as needed to form a ball. Cover the ball for two hours. 

Then put this covered ball in a food processor and mix or knead by hand. So this ball of flour becomes soft.  Make small balls of this ball and roll them like puri. You can coat the ball with flour while rolling. So the ball will not stick to the roll.

Place the folded strands on a cotton cloth. Then heat oil in a pan. Drop the fried rice into the hot oil. Remove from the oil immediately when the crackers turn red on the outside. So the crackers do not get oily and become crispy. If you want crispy crackers, fry them in oil until they turn red. 

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