Navratri 2022 : A…hello… Mumbaikars get ready for Dandiya; Know 7 Best Places for Dandiya in Mumbai


Navratri 2022 : Navratri (Navratri 2022) festival is just a few days away. Thus the Lagbag for Garba has started. Along with buying different colorful clothes, everyone will be searching for the best place for Garba. So don’t worry. Here we are going to give you information about some of the best places in Mumbai which are famous for playing garba. After visiting this place, you can enjoy Garba to your heart’s content. 

7 Best Places to Play Dandiya in Mumbai : 

Kai. Pramod Mahajan Sankul – Borivali West"text-align: justify;">One of the most famous garba is the Garba held at Borivali in Mumbai. By the way, Garba is played in many places in Borivali. However, the Phalguni Gate has a special presence in the Pramod Mahajan Complex. There is a different kind of fun in the youth while humming to Falguni’s songs. 

The Acres Club (Crystal Hall), Chembur, Mumbai (The Acres Club, Chembur, Mumbai) 

Chembur is a place especially famous for garba. This garba is played in a hall at this place. Everyone from kids to adults come to this place to enjoy Garba. Only 40 people are accepted in this hall. 

Police Parade Ground, Ghatkopar (East) 

The Police Parade Ground in the eastern suburbs of Ghatkopar is the most famous place this year. Ghatkopar Navratri Festival is the most eagerly awaited event not only in Mumbai but all over India.

Where: Police Parade Ground, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai

Goregaon Sports Complex, Goregaon (West)

The Sankalp Dandiya Navratri group organizes their event every year in Goregaon and this is another traditional favourite. Sankalp was Falguni Pathak’s ‘home ground’ for many years. And star casts are present in large numbers to make Dandiya a staple in Mumbai. 

Where:  Goregaon Sports Ground, Goregaon-Malad Link Road, Mumbai

Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali (West), Mumbai (Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali (West) 

It is one of the most beautiful and expensive places in Mumbai. Although the passes are quite expensive, you won’t regret spending the money due to the number of bands that perform here. So definitely visit Kora Kendra this year. 

Where : Kora Center Ground, Borivali (West), Mumbai

Pushpanjali Garden Ground, Borivali (West) 

Famous sister duo Preeti and Pinky perform here every year with their iconic band. People from around the city come to this place to play garba. The duo has been performing across the country since the age of five and seven. Every year these sisters are eagerly awaited by the youth. So you should definitely feel the warmth of this place.   

Where: Pushpanjali Garden Ground, Borivali (West), Mumbai

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