Mysterious Places: These are the strange places in the world where gravity does not work, like floating in the air!

Amoon of many miracles is planet earth. Green mountains, blue oceans, raging rivers, lava-spewing volcanoes, and animal shelters are not only the focal point of many strange things that we do not know. Even though the earth has gravity, it doesn’t work in some places. So let’s see what those places are!

1. Kakideo Pagoda, Myanmar

Also known as Golden Mountain. Buddhist place of worship. The golden hill on this mountain appears to have fallen. But, it remains the same for the last  2,500 years. Locals believe that the hill is standing still because the force of gravity does not work here.   

2. The Mysterious Road,  South Korea

The Mysterious Road in Jeju, South Korea is very strange. Since gravity does not work here, cars and other objects moving from here go up. Although it is an optical illusion,  many people love this area.  

3. Mystery Spot, America

This is a mystery spot in Santa Cruz. Thousands of visitors come every year to see the curved wooden house.  Here there is a possibility of people falling while walking. Because here the legs float in the air. In the 1930s, researchers discovered that gravity was no longer at work here.   

4. Magnetic Hill, India

30 km from Leh-Kargil highway. is far away. Even here the cars go up by themselves even if the engine is off. It is 14 thousand feet above sea level.  Gravity doesn’t work here. Along with the surrounding high mountains, tourists flock to see this wonder.   

5. Hoover Dam, America

This dam is about 221.4 meters high. If water is poured from the edge of this dam, it will not fall down. Instead, water droplets fly through the air. The researchers said that this happens due to the massive construction of the dam.

6. Gravity Hit, Armenia

This place is located on the border of Turkey and Armenia. .  Here, put the car in neutral‌ It automatically moves forward even if it is kept in . A huge number of tourists come to see this strange place. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Armenia.

7. Magnetic Hill, Canada

Canada has many strange places. Magnetic Hill is one of them. Here vehicles and goods go up instead of going down the ditch. This unusual phenomenon was first noticed by drivers in the 1930s. Now this road has become a tourist area.

8. Rua do Amendoim, Brazil

This is a street in Brazil. Here the road is sloping from top to bottom. If cars are parked here, they go up surprisingly. Researchers say this is due to the presence of iron ore in the area.  

9. Hudson Bay Area, Canada

Gravity in the Hudson Bay Area is completely Doesn’t work. Researchers have found that people here weigh less than their actual weight.

10. Kinder Down Paul, England

Water falls from above due to gravity. But, near the Kinder Down Pal, the water flows upwards.  But this happens only at certain times. Experts say that strong winds from cyclones have caused the reverse behavior of the falls.   

11. Oregon Vortex, America

Oregon Vortex located in Gold Hill‌ is a  mysterious place. The Oregon Vortex bears a close resemblance to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. Here people are able to lean forward without falling. After reading about these strange things.. When you can, go and see these strange things. 

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