Moon themed luxury resort: $5 billion moon themed luxury resort – another ambitious project in Dubai

The city of Dubai is no stranger to ambitious construction projects. The world’s tallest Burj Khalifa was built by the government there. After completing Palm Jumeirah, she started her career in construction. It keeps innovating projects like the world’s largest ferris wheel. Recently, another amazing project has been launched. Moon Style Resort‌ is going to be built. Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts Inc (MWR) has already released a model for this resort.   

What is special about this resort? 
The details of this project are coming out one by one. Its structure will have a height of 735 feet (224 m). The moon-shaped structure is going to be built on an area of ​​10 acres or 4,35,600 square feet. It includes  hotel rooms, wellness center, night‌ It is said that there will be many special features including club, meeting hall, moon shuttle. Moon theme is going to offer luxuries on earth. Moreover.. It is reported that this place will serve as a center for space research. Arabian Business revealed in its report that space agencies will be the venue for training their astronauts.

The site is estimated to attract 2.5 million space enthusiasts every year. The disc also offers 300 Sky Villas for those interested in private residences within the superstructure’s disc buildings. According to Moon World Resorts’ Facebook page, each luxury unit is 2,000 square feet (186 sq. m).  Its owners have lifetime membership in the Moon Owners Club.

Resort When will be built? 
Moon World regarding this moon themed villa Resorts Inc., the construction company, has already taken the patent rights. In 2023, the company is planning a global roadshow to showcase the model for a regional licensee. Road‌ As part of the show.. Dubai‌ It will also visit other countries in Middle East North Africa (MENA) region like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Selects the exact location for construction after issuing a single regional licence. There is a one year pre-development program. After that the construction will be completed in 48 months. This structure has 5-star built out stand, 5 diamond resort operational standards, as well as golden certification.

Construction in three more regions! 
MENA region Apart from this, MWR intends to license three more moon themed resorts.  One of these is going to be given in North America, another in  Europe, and another in Asia.

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