Mind it – If you don’t change these habits, the brain will die!

Mind it – If you don’t change these habits, the brain will die!

The brain is the most complex organ in our body. The brain controls every function of the body. But, we don’t see the same. We do not even realize that our legs, hands and thoughts are all working on its orders. Cognition, memory, and age-appropriate living all depend on brain function. But what happens inside the brain? We cannot easily predict how the damage will be done. Because of that, most of us do not make any efforts to keep our brain safe. 

If we pay attention to brain health, we can reduce the risk of problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some of our daily activities can harm brain health without even realizing it. Right now we are in Brain Tumor Awareness Month. On this occasion, let’s learn about the brain and its damage. 

Experts warn that if we do not change some small habits, we will have to struggle a lot in life. Experts warn that if the daily activity is low, the brain gradually loses its ability.


Light to moderate exercise must be done for at least 30 minutes a day. It is better if it is walking. Experts advise that walking for 15 minutes with slightly higher intensity followed by moderate activity will not only keep your brain active but also improve your overall health. Every time you exercise, new brain cells develop. So he must be active. Being active also improves heart function. Circulation is also done properly. The brain receives more oxygen. These effects support the release of hormones and the growth of brain cells. Experts say aerobics and strength training exercises once a week are very good for brain health.

No sweets, junk

Ultra processed food, high sugar, fat food. , have a negative impact on brain health. Foods like cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks and prepackaged meals should be avoided. High salt content in these increases BP. This can increase psychological problems in the future.


Being alone for long periods of time without meeting anyone, chronic loneliness has a very negative effect on brain health. Loneliness is not good for neural plasticity. Without interaction with others, brain function slows due to lack of new stimulation. Experts say that loneliness has a great impact on health. 


Do you feel like you are not able to focus properly on anything due to being busy with many different tasks? According to Burianova, mental problems such as lack of concentration, memory loss and anxiety can occur in people who multitask for long periods of time. All these also reduce the brain capacity. So there is no rush. Expert advice to keep things cool.

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