Milk: Is it better to drink cold milk or hot milk? What do the researches say?

Many adults and children start the day with a glass of milk. But can drinking hot milk bring more health benefits? Or is it better to drink plain milk with room temperature? Most people doubt that. Health experts say that it is better to drink milk. However, it is advisable to choose according to the person’s problems.

Cold milk for them
Inflammation and pain in the chest are common in some people. It is better for such people to drink cold milk. A pinch of cold milk mixed with anise powder improves digestion. Dietary fiber in milk helps to improve digestion. Also, it is better to mix almonds and dates in milk and drink it. Drinking like this does not cause anemia. Brain function also improves. The amino acids in milk help in speeding up the metabolic rate. It also helps to lose weight. Drinking cold drinks at breakfast can help you stay hungry longer. Also the body is not dehydrated. So it is better to drink cold milk. & Nbsp;

Hot milk is good for them
Heat is very good for preventing colds, colds and sore throat. Hot milk is good for people with insomnia. Drink hot milk an hour before going to bed at night. Sleep better after an hour. However, those who have indigestion problems are advised not to drink milk at night. The metabolism slows down after a good night’s sleep. Milk does not melt at such times. This makes it even more difficult in the morning. In addition to the cold in the morning, it is better to have hot milk until the evening. You should consult a doctor or dietitian if you have any doubts. You will notice that this article is just for your understanding.

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