Microwave Oven: You don’t need a microwave oven for baking, you just need one at home!

Baking is an art. It does not come easily to everyone. It is common to bake any bakery food like cake, momos, egg puff.. They are prepared and simply put on a timer and put in the microwave oven. And what about those who don’t have a microwave oven? To make a cake, baking is essential, but it is thought that baking without an oven will not turn out well. But not only that, there are other alternatives to baking. These also bake like a microwave and make your dishes look amazing.

Iron Pan

In recent times the use of pan has become more and more popular. Every dish is made in a pan. They are said to be very tasty when cooked in them. Cake or other dishes can be baked in iron skillets. For those who do not have a microwave, it is sufficient to apply a little butter to the pan before adding the prepared mixture to the pan. You can put the mixture in that vessel and cover it and cook it.

Not only a pan but also a cooking pot with a handle can be used for baking. After preparing the mixture for making cake or bread, transfer it to a small buttered bowl. Place the vessel in this cooking vessel. If the vessel has a hole, put a cotton cloth over it and then cover it. Cook on medium flame for 2 minutes, then keep the stove on low flame for 20-25 minutes. A very tasty cake is ready after baking for 30 minutes.

Pressure Cooker

Most people are now using pressure cookers for baking. Baking is just as good in the cooker as it is in the microwave. Dessert and bread can also be baked in a pressure cooker. The maximum time they take to cook is only 30 minutes. To cook cookies in a pressure cooker, put the mixture in a mason jar and put a lid on it. Now take a pressure cooker and pour water in it. Now put the mixture in small containers. They should be arranged in the same way as idli pots are arranged. Cook for 5-7 minutes. That’s it, your favorite delicious mouth-watering cookies are ready.

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